Why a Lease Option is the Fastest Way to Sell My Raleigh House

Don’t Make Another Mortgage Payment on your Vacant House!

Buyers are hard to come by in today’s housing market. Mortgages are difficult for your buyers to get approved because mortgage underwriting guidelines are stricter and down payment requirements are larger.  There are a ton of houses for sale that you are competing against with your house. Your house may be sitting vacant for months while you are making payments. That’s a HUGE problem, and we have an answer for you!

Let us lease your property with an option to buy it, and we’ll manage it and find a good quality tenant/buyer that wants to live in your property, pay rent (and your mortgage payment) and then ultimately buy your property for top dollar.  This is called a Lease Option, Lease Purchase, or Rent to Own, they are all the same thing.

We maintain a list of pre-qualified Tenant/Buyers with the ability to bring a down payment and make monthly rental payments on your house. Your new tenant/buyer may already be on our list.

Benefits to you (the seller):

  • No fees to pay especially realtor commissions at 6% or more
  • You can get a high sales price for your property (no haggling).
  • Stops the bleeding of mortgage payments if property is vacant.
  • Someone is living on-site to watch your property
  • Large market of available buyers at all times.
  • Work with the 40% to 50% of buyers that want to be owners but can’t get a mortgage.
  • Better quality tenants because these are prospective homeowners, not tenants
  • All maintenance is delegated to the tenant/buyer.
  • Seller remains on deed, it’s still your property until the option is exercised.
  • Seller retains the tax shelter.
  • No lengthy vacancies (unprotected properties).
  • Lease purchasing (rent to own) puts pre-qualified, reliable tenant/buyers in now vacant or soon to be vacant properties.

We understand how to buy and sell homes using a lease/option program to provide win/win solutions for buyers and sellers. In fact, we sell all of our own houses this way. We obviously intend to make a profit when we produce, however, our profit comes from our buyer, not from you, the seller

Lease/Purchase is the quickest way to get your house sold fast in today’s market.  In fact, the last lease/option we did took 9 days from signing a contract with the seller until we had a tenant/buyer under contract because of the list of tenant-buyers we maintain.

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