Have Low Or No Equity On Your Raleigh NC House And Aren’t Sure How To Sell It Without Losing Money?

Underwater and Don’t Have Enough Equity to pay a Listing Agent?

little-or-no-equity-300x225Many Sellers with houses in Raleigh NC purchased their properties  a while ago and the market values haven’t recovered where there is enough money over the mortgage payoff to be able to pay a real estate agent.   In other words, they are underwater on their mortgage.  That’s a HUGE problem, and we have an answer for you, our No Equity Lease/Purchase program!  Even with the nice rebound of appreciation over the last few years, almost 10 million homeowners are underwater, according to Forbes. And many North Carolina homeowners are effectively underwater, meaning they have less than 20 percent equity.  The hard fact is that home values just have not recovered to pay both a real estate agent and payoff the mortgage.

NCHomeBuyer has a solution for you, our Low/No Equity House Purchase Program.  The cure for many real estate problems is time. We can work with you to get the time you need.


Benefits to you (the seller):

  • No fees, No Waiting, No Repairs!  especially realtor commissions at 6% or more
  • Stops the bleeding of mortgage payments if property is vacant.
  • Debt relief – we will help make your mortgage payment
  • You can get a high sales price for your property (no haggling).
  • We take over maintenance and Repairs on the property.


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