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Don't Make Another Mortgage Payment on your Vacant House!

Buyers are hard to come by in today's housing market. Mortgages are difficult for your buyers to get approved for. There is a ton of houses for sale that you are competing against with your house. Your house may be sitting vacant for months while you are making payments. That's a HUGE problem, and we have an answer for you!

Let us lease your property and we'll manage it and find a good quality tenant/buyer that wants to live in your property, pay rent (and your mortgage payment) and then ultimately buy your property for top dollar. 

We maintain a list of pre-qualified Tenant/Buyers with the ability to bring a down payment and make monthly rental payments on your house.  Your new tenant/buyer may already be on our list.

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Discover the additional cash $ received when you Sell using Lease/Purchase

Benefits to you (the seller):

  • No fees to pay especially realtor commissions at 6% or more

  • You can get a high sales price for your property (no haggling).

  • Stops the bleeding of mortgage payments if property is vacant.

  • Someone is living on-site to watch your property

  • Large market of available buyers at all times. Work with the 40% to 50% of buyers that want to be owners but can’t get a mortgage.

  • Better quality tenants because these are prospective homeowners, not tenants

  • All maintenance is delegated to the tenant/buyer.

  • Seller remains on deed, it's still your property until the option is exercised.

  • Seller retains the tax shelter.

  • No lengthy vacancies (unprotected properties).

  • Lease purchasing (rent to own) puts pre-qualified, reliable tenant/buyers in now vacant or soon to be vacant properties.

We understand how to buy and sell homes using a lease and purchase program to provide win/win solutions for buyers and sellers. In fact, we sell all of our own houses this way. We obviously intend to make a profit when we produce, however, our profit comes from our buyer, not from you.

Lease/Purchase is the quickest way to get your house sold fast in today's market.

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